Palettes High Pigmented Eyeshadow Palettes at a very affordable price. With multiple sizes available.


Top Seller Becca Muse Cosmetics High Pigmented Palette  Matte, Shimmer & Metallic Colors   12 Hole Palette
****** PREORDER*********  Enjoy this amazing palette full of pink & purple eyeshadows of all sorts  Matte  Shimmer metallic Satan inspired by Mean Girls 
High Pigmented  Top Seller  Becca Muse Cosmetics  Matte, Shimmer, Metallic  12 Hole Palette 
18 Hole Palette ! New Hot Product! 
Top Seller  Becca Muse Cosmetics  High Pigmented Eyeshadow  Matte & Shimmer  Most Ordered 
*********** PREORDER ****************** Order by Sept 25 Ships out by Oct 16 Order after Sept 25 but by Oct 16 estimated ships out by Oct 30 High Pigment  18 Colors ...
****** PREORDER ********  Sand Verbena Palette  Enjoy this amazing collection of pigment picked out just for you!  High Pigmented Eyeshadow Colors   
***** PREORDER ******  Passion Mix Palette  This amazing mixture of colors is just right for you High Pigmented Eye-shadow Colors   
9 Hole Palette  Matte, Shimmer and Metallic Palette  High Pigmented Cosmetics  Affordable Price  Come get those natural, summer & warm Vibes   
High Pigment Palette  12 Hole Colors  Matte, Shimmer and Metallic Eye shadow  Top Seller 
9 Hole Palette  High Pigment  Matte, Shimmer & Metallic Colors 
High Pigmented  Matte, Shimmer & Metallic  15 Hole Palette 
High pigmented eyeshadow palette  Sun Down Palette   
High Pigmented Cosmetics  Matte Eyeshadow  Shimmer Eyeshadow 15 Hole Palette
High Pigmented Palette  Picked out just for you   
High Pigment  Top Seller  Becca Muse Cosmetics  Matte and Metallic  Beautiful Combination 
Top Seller  High Pigmented  This palette was dedicated to trill_makeup I hope you all enjoy xoxo.
High Pigmented Cosmetics  Matte, Shimmer and Metallic Shades  12 Hole Palette  Top Seller  Purple and Pink Shades Combo 
Matte Eyeshadow  Metallic Eyeshadow  15 hole palette 
High Pigmented Palette Bold Colors- top seller  Matte, Shimmer & Metallic  12 Hole  Video below by Blendbunny