This option is for split payment only !  (4) payments of $25 


What are the benefits of Collaboration/ Blogger/ MUA/ YouTube Platform?

With being a Collaboration on the (Blogger/ MUA/ YouTube Platform)

  • This is slightly different from PR, this requires a fee of $100 for 6 months. Before you stop reading listen to benefits of this option.
  • The price can be broken down into 4 payments of $25 in two months. With this payment you will receive 3 palettes, and 3 lipsticks from our company. If you decide to split the payment up please see chart below to get an example what you will receive in each payment.

•     We will also grant you the access to create a custom palette of (28 colored) size 26 mm colors. Of course the palette will have our logo on it. You will be able to pick what colors go in the palette and name the palette. You will also receive the palette FREE!

  • We also offer a discount code for you and your Followers 35% off, once your code is used (5) times you will receive a free item.
  • You will become a member of the Becca Muse Committee, where  you can voice your opinions
  • please upload feedback onto our website, under the review tab   this is very helpful for our new customers and if you have images please upload images (this adds points to your discount)
  • You will also receive a set of free Makeup brushes FREE J

Collaboration/ Blogger/ MUA/ YouTube Platform (Split Payment

$25.00 Regular Price
$21.25Sale Price