Muse Goddess (Advanced Plan)

This plan includes a fee of $ 160 for a year or you can break up the payments$30 for two months of supplies. What you will receive will be (8 Palettes, 8 Lipstick). If you decide to split the payments please see table chart below for the price break down and examples of what you will receive every two months. You will be able to pick out (4 Palettes & 4 lipsticks yourself).

  • We also offer a discount code for you 50% and your Followers 25% off, once your code is used (4) times you will receive a free item.
  • You will be invite to become part of Becca Muse Committee to voice your opinions and ideas
  • We will also grant you the access to create a custom palette of (12 colored) size 26 mm colors. Of course the palette will have our logo on it. You will be able to pick what colors go in the palette and name the palette. You will also receive the palette FREE!
  • If tee-shirts are available, you will receive a free shirt J
  • A sale will be released to you 4 days before it actually launch
  • Any event we have in your city you will be offered to be a model on the platform. You can pick to do your own makeup, use the makeup artist on site or you can pay for your own makeup artist.
  • please upload feedback onto our website, under the review tab   this is very helpful for our new customers and if you have images please upload images (this adds points to your discount)
  • When there is a free giveaway please ask your followers to participate, you also can apply for the free giveaway

Muse Goddess (Advanced Plan) Split Payment

$30.00 Regular Price
$25.50Sale Price