What are the benefits of being a PR (Exclusive Plan)?

With being a PR there are a lot of benefits, please see below the benefits and the requirements

  • With being an Exclusive PR there is a fee that is involved. A fee of $80 which can be broken down to $40 first three weeks and $40 the 3 weeks following. With this you will receive (4 Palettes and 5 lipsticks). If you split the payment in half the first package you will receive will be (2 palettes & 3 Lipsticks) once we receive the remaining balance you will receive (2 Palettes & 2 Lipsticks). Example: payment of $40 on June 4, 2018 next payment needs to be by July 2nd. (You will be able to pick out at least 2 palettes& 2 Lipsticks yourself
  • Once reviewed please upload feedback onto our website, under the review tab https://www.beccamuse.net/results   this is very helpful for our new customers and if you have images please upload images (this adds points to your discount)
  • We also offer a discount code for you 50% and your Followers 40% off, once your code is used (4) times you will receive a free item.
  • A review is required at least 2 times a month
  • A sale will be released to you 4 days before it actually launch
  • When there is a free giveaway please ask your followers to participate, you also can apply for the free giveaway
  • If tee-shirts are available you will receive a free shirt J
  • If a expo is presented in your state from our company you will be getting a free ticket to attend
  • Any photoshoot we have, you will be invited to come be a model or MUA

PR (Exclusive Plan)

$80.00 Regular Price
$68.00Sale Price